Moi dix Mois coming to Sakura-Con

Moi dix Mois is a sound project featuring the lyrics, composition, and programming of the notable musician and fashion designer Mana (G), the leader of Malice Mizer. Moi dix Mois was started on Mana’s birthday, March 19th, of 2002. The name Moi dix Mois was created by Mana and has special significance. “Moi dix Mois” is French. The “Moi” being “self” and representing Mana, “dix” for 10 which signifies “1” as beginning and “0” being forever, or infinity, and “Mois” is “month” thus “dix Mois” means “10 months”. This signifies birth and beginning, as it takes 10 months in total for a fetus to grow from egg to birth. Mana’s Moi dix Mois music is a spicy fusion of classic and progressive, delicacy and craze, construction and destruction; with a symphonic sound that is thrilling and dramatic, meant to inspire tears of drastic beauty. Mana’s project expresses its own fantasy world. Moi dix Mois has released 5 studio albums, numerous singles and has completed several concert tours, including European and North American appearances. This will be Moi dix Mois’s first Sakura-Con.


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