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Farewell messages from Versailles


Since the band was formed five years ago every member has had their own world opened wide.We have all made big improvements, but, on the other hand, it is a fact that everything could not be properly expressed as a band.As a result, we have made the decision to express ourselves as individual artists and to try and keep the ideals of “Versailles” alive. We hope you understand that this is the best decision to ensure the protection of the rose of Versailles.As my feelings are affected profoundly please keep in mind this verse from the “ROSE.” Thank you very much for supporting us during the last five years. I will keep the faith, which will never change, and will continue to sing the songs for your encouragement from today onward.


Our fans have made our dreams come true, which to me, would have been impossible to realize without your support. I deeply appreciate that many fans and staff personnel have been involved with us. The reason for this decision is our answer to ourselves and to you, which we must come to terms with as artists and as Versailles.I am proud of the achievements because I have worked tirelessly with my heart and soul for most of my entire life in order to see the progress of Versailles.I feel very calm inside because I believe we could make an imprint on music history as Versailles.We wish you can give every one of us your kindest support in the future as well.I will never forget this feeling of gratitude despite the fact that we are moving on and doing so separately.I will continue to pray for you so that love and happiness will be yours into the future.


Since we formed the band we have continued to search for our ideal world.When I think back we seemed to face lots of difficulties and hard times.Yet, at the same time, it always felt like one big dream full of rich and meaningful experiences.I am truly proud of Versailles and appreciate the support given to us by fans from all over the world.I feel sorry thinking about how you might react once the announcement is made.Although we will stop Versailles, the beautiful flowers we made will never fall or cease to bloom.Our time is all but running out. All I can do is my best with love.Thank you very much for giving us your support. I really wish we could journey further together until the day of departure.


I am sorry if this announcement is a surprise to you.The expression: “to stop activities” is a difficult idea to accept for fans and us. This decision has been made by all of us to move on.It has been 2 years since I joined Versailles. I have been encouraged by fans all over the world and they made me the most beautiful scenery at every show, and I really appreciate the opportunity.It is very hard to express how much I appreciate you, but I will never forget your gesture to both the band and me.I will be very happy if we can share the rest of our time with you all.


I think Versailles has become a fabulous band with each member doing their best in their own role.And although there were hard times between us, we could transcend those difficulties because our supporters were always with us. I would like to say THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart.I feel very sorry to give you this unexpected, untimely message, but I would like you to think of each and every performance as a symbol of appreciation from us to you.I will do my best on the farewell album and last tour.


An Important Announcement from Versailles

An Important message from Versailles was released on Kamijo World today.

An Important Announcement From Versailles:

Dear Enduring, Loyal Supporters,

We would like to announce that Versailles has decided to stop all activities by the closing of the year.Being our 5th anniversary — and without a clear direction heading into the future – we have decided it was in the best interest of the band and the music, our staff and supporters, in order to pursue our artistic and personal goals outside the current framework, to stop all our activities by the end of 2012.

Since the beginning the “ROSE” has played a central role, both thematically and symbolically, for Versailles. The “ROSE”, which is also the title song of their 5th anniversary single, is about birth, becoming and being – in short, their story to the world.

The band will release their farewell album September 26th and tour domestically soon afterwards. On December 20th, Versailles will have their grand finale which be performed at NHK Hall in Tokyo.

Please come and show your support to Versailles and their final journey.

July 20th, 2012VersaillesYMN corporation


Many fans have realized that the message went up and down on the official site numerous times, and it seems that the it was originally made to come out tomorrow. Rumours say a hacker interfered with the band’s site, also posting a video and tour dates of a completely different artist.

The same announcement is now posted on their official site. Some fans have pointed out that in the original Japanese announcement they have used 「休止」 regarding their activities and that the English reads ‘activity stop’. Please note that along with meaning rest, 「休止」 can also mean stop, and as the English announcement posted earlier is directly from the band’s site, we can only assume that the translation is correct unless it’s clearly confirmed otherwise.

Along with the announcement to end their activities, Versailles have announced both a final tour, and album.

The third album, which titled 「Versailles, will come out on September 26th in two types. A first press edition that contains a CD and DVD for 3600 yen, and a regular edition (CD only) for 3159 yen. More details on that as they are released.

Their final tour will be called “Chateau de Versailles” and it kicks off on November 11th.

Versailles to play at Russian Festival

Good news for Russian Versailles fans. The band will play at the 2012 Festival.

The following message was posted on Versailles’ website today:

We are delight to annouce that Versailles will perform at the 2012 Festival, the biggest Asian convention in Moscow. The show will be at  Club MILK at the Festival on May 17th. Versailles will be at the stage around 8pm,

Tickets available at the city offices and telephone number (495) 937-77-37 or (495) 228-18-454 any additional  info via email Official HP


New look for Versailles

Vampire Stories Trailer (listen for Versailles)

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Versailles World Tour 2011-Holy Grail- European Tour Dates

Sep 30 Russia – St Petersburg @ZAL Ozhidaniya
Oct 02 UK – London @Islington Academy
Oct 04 Spain – Madrid @Caracol
Oct 06 Italy – Roma @ Traffic
Oct 09 Austria – Wien @ Szene Wien
Oct 10 Poland – Cracow @ Kwadrat
Oct 12 Germany – Berlin @ SO36
Oct 13 Germany – Cologne @ Werkstatt
Oct 15 France – Orleans @ Château de la Charbonniere


BLUE PLANET JAPAN  『ひとつだけ~We are The One~』 LIVE


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A、DaizyStripper、Dolly、FEST VAINQUEUR、heidi.、TERU(Versailles)、HIZAKI(Versailles)、えみる(愛狂います。)、黒崎眞弥 (己龍 )、手鞠 (amber gris)、雀夜(Lips)、HIRO (ex.Wizard)

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