Plastic Tree - ピアノブラック PV


New look for Plastic Tree

New look for Plastic Tree

Plastic Tree - Shion

[ Short Film ] Plastic Tree - Kuchizuke
Plastic Tree - Kuchizuke
New look for Plastic Tree

Plastic Tree’s drummer back on stage

In the beginning of March, 佐藤 ケンケン (Satou Kenken), Plastic Tree’s drummer, was hospitalized after being diagnosed with acute hepatitis. Their website was updated yesterday with fantastic news: he is feeling better and will be able to join them at Nippon Budoukan on April 14th!

From Plastic Tree;

We apologise for all the worry Satou Kenken’s hospitalisation due to poor health has caused everyone. Satou Kenken has now been discharged from the hospital. He will be able to come with us at Nihon Budoukan on the 14th of April for “Ao no Unmeisen Tour Finale: Tent (3)” and perform with us onstage. This decision is based on the judgement of Kenken’s doctors after determining his health and us members and management will also take his health into consideration before the concert. Nihon Budoukan is a special place, and if all four of us cannot perform there it will not be a happy time.

We have good days under a tree that never withers. We will enjoy meeting each one of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Plastic Tree

Arimura Ryutarou

Hasegawa Tadashi

Satou Kenken

Nakamura Akira


Plastic Tree’s iPhone and Android app

There’s a new iPhone / iPod and Android application for Plastic Tree fans to check out.

As of today, the “Plastic Tree Official App” has been released. It’s free, and the description as listed on iTunes is as follows.

With Plastic Tree – Official App you can listen to new songs, get new photos and all the latest news, as well as reading messages from Plastic Tree! Also, you can get together with other dedicated fans in the Plastic Tree CAFE space to exchange messages and information with one another.

View profiles of all Plastic Tree members.

Get all the latest info on Plastic Tree here!

Check messages sent direct from Plastic Tree!

The official community space for Plastic Tree fans.

View all photos of Plastic Tree in high quality.

Have a listen to Plastic Tree’s new releases!

Have a look at Plastic Tree’s new releases!

Have a closer look at Plastic Tree’s discopgraphy!

For iPhone / iPod users, go to the iTunes store for the application. Android users can download the app here!

I downloaded the app to see what it was all about, and I think that if you’re a Plastic Tree fan, it’s a nice little app that you’ll enjoy. Of course, nearly everything included in the app you can find elsewhere online, but it’s put together nicely.


Plastic Tree official announcement 12/3/12


Regarding Plastic Tree’s spring tour “Ao no unmeisen,” we previously announced that Dr Satou Kenken was hospitalized with acute hepatitis.
As the result of a thorough examination, the diagnosis has determined that he needs rest and must be hospitalized for two weeks without seriously doing anything. We hope he makes a strong recovery, but based on the examination results, Satou Kenken must not perform for the time being.
However, to fulfill the desires of all of the fans looking forward to the spring tour, as a result of a conference with the members, the performances will continue as planned with a friend of Plastic Tree filling as support drummer.
For everyone who has bought tickets, and for all of the fans looking forward to the performances, we deeply apologize for causing you so much worry.

Plastic Tree / J-ROCK / AKATSUKI label
Questions: AKATSUKI label 03-5485-5678 (11:00~18:00)

And a message from the Plastic Tree members regarding this decision.
Under the current circumstances with Satou Kenken in the hospital, we are truly sorry to cause everyone to worry so much. We apologize from the bottoms of our hearts.

We have decided to continue this tour “Ao no unmeisen” as planned with a support drummer.

All of the members, including Satou Kenken, exist together as Plastic Tree. And so it greatly troubled us and we thought long and hard about making this decision.

However, without being locked into an option, completely of our own free will, we feel that we have made the best decision for the sake of his recovery, and for the sake of Plastic Tree.
Even though Satou Kenken’s absence is truly unfortunate for all of the fans, and for us as Plastic Tree, we will take his spirit on the trip with us.

If we could somehow take that feeling from everyone at all of the venues and through the music, it would make all of the members happy as well.

Still under the tree that never rots.
We hope to meet everyone.

Plastic Tree
Arimura Ryuutarou
Hasegawa Tadashi
Satou Kenken
Nakayama Akira

Plastic Tree drummer hospitalized due to acute hepatitis

It’s been reported that visual kei band Plastic Tree’s drummer, Sato Kenken, has been hospitalized due to acute hepatitis.

Sato was absent from the band’s single release event on February 4th due to poor health conditions. He then immediately went to see a doctor, who later diagnosed him with acute hepatitis. Details on Sato’s condition will be announced later.


Plastic Tree - Joumyaku

New look for Plastic Tree

Plastic Tree Announce Move to Victor Entertainment and Nippon Budokan Performance!

While Plastic Tree have recently started a count down on their official homepage, new information on the band’s further plans have been revealed in a press release. As of next year, Plastic Tree will be moving in with Victor Entertainment label “FlyingStar Records”. It has been exactly 15 years since their major debut, as they decided to to change and start a new project under a new distributor.

Their first new record under the new label will be a single in February, yet, details are still to be expected in the new future.

Yet, despite these changed, Plastic Tree are known to follow their own way persistently and to show that they are not going to change all to quickly, they will be performing another “Tent” performance at Nippon Budokan in April next year.

Let’s wish them all the best for the next year!

Plastic Tree “Tent ③”
Date: 2012/04/14 (Sat)
Venue: Nippon Budokan
Tickets: 6,500 Yen (tax in)
General Ticket Sales: 2012/03/10 (Sat)


New look for Plastic Tree